Darmstadt-Erlangen collaboration on bioactive glasses: DFG project meeting in Darmstadt

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On 6th March 2020, Prof. Boccaccini met with the collaborators at TU Darmstadt  to discuss the progress of our DFG funded project on ion-doped bioactive glasses with outstanding high temperature crystallization resistance. The meeting took place at the Institute for Materials Science, Dispersive Solids (Head: Prof. R. Riedel), TU Darmstadt . The project involves collaboration between researchers from TU Darmstadt, and from the FAU Institute of Biomaterials. Principal investigators Dr. Isabel Gonzalo Juan (TU Darmstadt), Dr. Emanuel Ionescu (TU Darmstadt) (pictured) attended the meeting. This project focused on the development of a new family of bioactive glasses containing biologically active ions for tissue engineering applications. The glasses are synthesized and characterized at TU Darmstadt and they are investigated in relation to their bioactive behavior and cytocompatibility at the Institute of Biomaterials in Erlangen. Several papers have resulted from this project already [1-3].

[1] Xie, F., et al., Effect of Ca and B incorporation into silicon oxycarbide on its microstructure and phase composition, J. Am. Ceram. Soc. 102 (2019) 7645-7655.

[2] Arango-Ospina, M., Silicon oxycarbide based materials for biomedical applications, Applied Materials Today 18 (2020) 100482.

[3] Xie, F., et al., Apatite forming ability and dissolution behavior of boron-and calcium-modified silicon oxycarbides in comparison to silicate bioactive glass, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 5 (2019), 5337-5347.