Highy cited review paper in Advances in Colloid and Interface Science

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Our Review paper on sol-gel processing of bioactive glass nanoparticles (authors: Kai Zheng, Aldo R. Boccaccini) has been listed as one of the 25 most cited papers  publshed since 2017 in Advances in Colloid and Interface Science. Given the increasing research in the field of silicate-based bioactive glass nanoparticles (BGN) for biomedical applications, the review was designed to cover comprehensively sol-gel approaches for the controlled synthesis of BGN, discussing processes and mechanisms involved in the different routes developed to obtain BGN with tailor-made size, morphology and composition. Image: Graphical Abstract
[1] K. Zheng, A. R. Boccaccini, Sol-gel processing of bioactive glass nanoparticles: A review, Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 249 (2017) 363-373.