First Institute’s virtual meeting in Summer Term 2020

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The first virtual meeting of the Institute of Biomaterials in Summer Term 2020 was held on 30th April, hosted by Prof. Boccaccini and with participation of all members of the Institute, including senior research and teaching staff, post-doctoral reseachers, PhD students, academic visitors, visiting students, technical and administrative support staff as well as the current Bachelor and Master students. Prof. Boccaccini thanked everyone for keeping going the activities of the Institute in teaching and research, from home office and remotely. He anticipated the new measures that will be established for the staggered opening of the laboratories of the Institute following the hygiene guidelines of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. He highlighted that Bachelor and Master students carrying out their thesis projects in the Institute will have priority in accessing experimental facilities when the laboratories gradually open again. All teaching courses offered by the Institute are being lectured remotely. Information regarding the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on FAU activities is available here.