Our “Biomaterials Science” paper on bioactive glass-dendritic cell interactions featured in “Ceramic Technology Today”

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Our recent paper: “Cu, Zn doped borate bioactive glasses: antibacterial efficacy and dose-dependent in vitro modulation of murine dendritic cells”, published OPEN ACCESS in Biomater. Sci. 8 (2020) 2045-2330, [1] (co-authors: Katharina Schuhladen, Lena Stich, Jochen Schmidt, Alexander Steinkasserer, Aldo R. Boccaccini and Elisabeth Zinser) has been featured in the last edition of Ceramic Tech Today (CTT) of the American Ceramic Society  in an article entitled: “Bioactive glasses meet dendritic cells—exploring effects of bioactive glass ionic dissolution on the immune system” . In this study we investigated the interactions of the dissolution products of Zn and Cu doped borate bioactive glasses with dendritic cells, specialized cells involved in the immune system response. The antibacterial effect of the glasses was also studied and conclusions on the relative biological effects of Zn and Cu were elucidated. In the CTT article, Prof. Boccaccini discusses the novelty of the results in relation to the future applications of bioactive glasses in medicine, also indicating the study limitations and the need for further research in the field of bioactive glass interactions with the human immune system. Our related research activities are being carried out in collaboration with the Department of Immune Modulation of the University Hospital Erlangen.

[1] K. Schuhladen, et al., Cu, Zn doped borate bioactive glasses:antibacterial efficacy and dose-dependentin vitromodulation of murine dendritic cells, Biomater. Sci. 8 (2020) 2045-2330,