Successful participation at the 11th World Biomaterials Congress (WBC 2020)

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Our Institute was well represented at the 11th WORLD BIOMATERIALS CONGRESS (WBC 2020) held remotely on 11-15 December 2020. Prof. Boccaccini was an invited speaker in two workshops. He presented the lecture “Enhancing antibacterial effects of bioactive glasses by phytotherapeutic agents” in the “Challenges in Antimicrobial Biomaterials Development”educational pre-congress workshop. Moreover he presented the talk “Bioactive glasses with tuned ion releasing capability to stimulate stem cells for tissue engineering” in the workshop “Controlling stem cell pathways through materials”. Vera Bednarzig (PhD student) presented the poster “Bioactive glass-alginate composites as 3D printing material for bone regneration” in the session ” Additive Manufacturing/ 3D Printing”. Dr Kai Zheng presented the poster: “Boron incorporation regulates dissolution behavior of sol-gel derived silicate bioactive glasses”. Moreover Ms Sihui Ouyang (visiting PhD student) presented the talk “Microscale electric fields induced by galvanically coupled Ti-Mg metal-metal composites promote antibacterial activity”. Dr. Liliana Liverani presented the poster “Copper(II)-chitosan complexes and bioactive glass particles: how to get composite porous scaffolds with enhanced properties”. Dr Liverani and Prof. Boccaccini contributed also to four other posters presented in different sessions by our international collaborators. Last but not least, Dr. Liverani was co-organiser of the Young Scientists Forum (YSF) symposium and she and Dr. Boccaccini were moderators of some of the sessions in this symposium.