Bioactive and antibacterial coatings: several publications with international collaborators just published

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One core research area in our Institute is the field of biomedical coatings. In 2021, we have published already 7 papers with international collaborators from Argentina, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Pakistan, presenting technologies for the development of bioactive and antibacterial coatings, based on electrophoretic deposition and other methods. The papers report zein-Cu doped bioactive glass coatings [1], stratified PEEK-BG plus SiO2-Ag covered coatings [2], hydroxyapatite/sodium alginate coatings [3], hybrid sol–gel silica-bioactive glass /silica–gentamicin coatings [4], ferulic acid loaded bioactive glass/chitosan coatings [5], Manuka honey-zein coatings on bioctive glass scaffolds [6], and electrophoretic zein coatings on Ti substrates [7].

[1] LR Rivera, et al., Antibacterial, pro-angiogenic and pro-osteointegrative zein-bioactive glass/copper based coatings for implantable stainless steel aimed at bone healing, Bioactive Materials 6 (2021) 1479-1490.

[2] Q Nawaz, et al., Multifunctional stratified composite coatings by electrophoretic deposition and RF co-sputtering for orthopaedic implants, Journal of Materials Science (2021) in press.

[3] T Moskalewicz, et al., Hydroxyapatite/sodium alginate coatings electrophoretically deposited on titanium substrates: microstructure and properties,Applied Surface Science 540 (2021) 148353.

[4] JL Merlo, et al., Degradable magnesium implants: improving bioactive and antibacterial performance by designed hybrid coatings, J. Mater. Res. (2021) in press.

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[6] M Arango-Ospina, et al., Manuka Honey and Zein Coatings Impart Bioactive Glass Bone Tissue Scaffolds Antibacterial Properties and Superior Mechanical Properties, Frontiers in Materials 7 (2021), 449.

[7] F Maciąg, et al., The Effect of electrophoretic deposition parameters on the microstructure and adhesion of zein coatings to titanium substrates, Materials 14 (2021) 312.