Doctoral thesis success: Michael Höhlinger

Michael Höhlinger mit Doktorhut

We congratulate Michael Höhlinger, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Biodegradable coating development and analysis for a WE43 Mg alloy with focus on corrosion, surface analysis and biocompatibility” on 14th July 2021. He carried out his doctoral project under supervision of Prof. Sanna Virtanen at the FAU Institute of Surface Science and Corrosion. The project was in collaboration with Prof. Boccaccini in the framework of the DFG funded project “Bio-adaptive Coatings on Mg alloys”, in which also Dr. Svenja Valet  carried out her doctoral thesis. The examination board was composed by Prof. Sanna Virtanen, Prof. Stephan Wolf (Institute of Glass and Ceramics, FAU), Prof. Julien Bachmann (Department of Chemistry, FAU), and Prof. Boccaccini. Several papers have been published from the results of the doctoral thesis of Mr Höhlinger (for example [1, 2]). Many congratulations to Michael for his doctorate degree and we wish him all the best in his future career.

[1] M. Hoehlinger et al., Developing surface pre-treatments for electrophoretic deposition of biofunctional chitosan-bioactive glass coatings on a WE43 magnesium alloy, Applied Surface Science 405 (2017) 441-448.

[2] M. Hoelinger, et al., Influence of proteins on the corrosion behavior of a chitosan-bioactive glass coated magnesium alloy, Mater. Sci. Eng. C 100 (2019) 706-714.