Prof. Grissel Trujillo de Santiago (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico) delivers seminar on continuous chaotic bioprinting

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Hosted by Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini, the last scientific seminar of the Summer Term 2021, also in the framework of the Collaborative Research Centre SFB/TRR225, took place on 16th July. The invited speaker was Prof. Grissel Trujillo de Santiago,  Assistant Professor, Escuela de Ingeniería y Ciencias, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico, where she co-chairs the Alvarez & Trujillo Lab. Prof. Grissel Trujillo de Santiago presented the talk: “Using deterministic chaos for facile high-throughput fabrication of ordered multilayer micro- and nanostructures: continuous chaotic printing. The seminar attracted an audience of more than 80 participants. We are planing a research collaboration with the group of Prof. Grissel Trujillo de Santiago in the field of advanced bioprinting techniques.