Visit of Prof. Kerstin Galler and Prof. Ulrich Lohbauer of the Dental Medicine Erlangen

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On 3rd May 2022, we received the visit of Prof. Kerstin Galler, Director of the Dental Clinic 1 (Operative Dentistry and Periodontology) and Prof. Ulrich Lohbauer, supervisor of the Research Laboratory for Dental Biomaterials at the Dental Clinic 1. We discussed a number of possibilities for collaborations in the fields of bioactive materials, injectable and antibacterial materials for applications in the dental sector. Prof. Boccaccini said: “I am glad to expand our collaboration with the Erlangen Dental Medicine. Our interaction with Prof. Lohbauer started almost 10 years ago leading to several jointly supervised students and joint papers, and now I see new impulses and an expansion of our collaboration to new topics in Prof. Galler’s interests and expertise.” In the photo: Profs. Lohbauer, Galler, Boccaccini and Dr. Detsch (Institute of Biomaterials).