Prof. Boccaccini visits Wrocław University of Science and Technology

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Following an invitation of the “VISITING PROFESSORS” program funded by ‘Scientiae Wratislavienses‘ of the City of Wroclaw, Poland, Prof. Boccaccini visited Wrocław University of Science and Technology, on 22-24 May 2017. The program of the visit included four lectures by Professor Boccaccini, namely: I) Synthesis and characterization of biomaterials incorporating biologically active ions, II) Bioactive nanocomposites – progress and challenges, III) Bioactive Glasses in Soft Tissue Repair. What Do We Know So Far?, IV) Biofabrication approaches and Bioactive Materials for Tissue Engineering and Cancer Research: Progress and Challenges. The visit involved also meetings with faculty and discussion about collaborative research between our Institute and the Department of Mechanics, Materials Science and Engineering (hosts: Prof. Jerzy Z. Kaleta and Dr. Justyna Krzak, pictured with Prof. Boccaccini) at Wrocław University of Science and Technology (WUST). Prof. Boccaccini also visited the laboratories in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at WUST and discussed topics of overlapping research interest in the field of biomaterials with young researchers and PhD students.