Visit of students from Technology University of Pereira, Colombia

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On 4-5 April 2022 we received the visit of a delegation of engineering students from Technology University of Pereira (UTP), Colombia. The visit was sponsored by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Prof. Boccaccini welcomed the visitors and introduced the teaching and research activities of the Institute of Biomaterials. There were presentations by Prof. Peter Felfer (MAP study programm), Ms Claudia Barnickel (Medical Engineering study program), Mr Jonas Loffler (BAYLAT). Other presentations were given by members of the Institute; Dr. Rainer Detsch, Dr. Farnaz Ghorbani, Ms Zoya Hadzhieva, Ms Irem Uenalan and by visiting researcher (FunGlass) Germán Clavijo. In the afternoons the students had the possibility to visit the laboratories of the Institute of Biomaterials, where they observed different experiments demonstrated by researchers of the Institute (Ms Sonja Kuth, Ms Susanne Heid, Mr Francesco Iorio, Ms Florencia Diaz, Ms Faina Bider, Ms Irem Uenalan, Dr. Arturo Rabiela, Ms Lisa Schöbel) in the following topics: 3D printing, electrospinning, drug delivery and mechanical properties of biomaterials.